Podcast Archive 4

Episodes 1—10


EPISODE 1   (4/1/11)

Psychodots, Nate Dybevik, Rick Altizer, Greg Parke, Tom Caufield, Rob Rigoni, Wes Cunningham, Two Scoops Combo, Kristi Nebel, October Project     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 2   (4/16/11)

Phil Pritchett, Rob Fetters, Iain Matthews, Ronny Cox, The Artichoke Project, Alan Barttels, Tacoma Urban Orchestra, Trees Without Leaves, Felix Delia, The Hugh Beaumont Experience   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 3   (5/7/11)

Joe King Carrasco, James Coates, Guns of Nevada, A Great Many, Jeremy Serwer, Perfect Weather, C Dub, Bob Nyswonger    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 4   (5/21/11)

A conversation with internationally known recording artist Joe King Carrasco, and the world premier of a new Joe King Carrasco song    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 5  (6/4/11)

AgesandAges, A Sample from Carla Hassett, Fill The Silence, Combo De Luxe, Laurence Roscoe, Mikel Campbell, Eleven Dollar Life, Hannah Frank Trio, Neil Smith, Radiant Devices, Rain City Blue Blowers    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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EPISODE 6  (6/18/11)

Muamba, Black Undercurrent, The Lindbergh Line, Wild Child, DocTaryn, Sean Hunting Morse, The Siren, Cabrini Green, Andrew Schoen, The Ram Rams     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 7  (7/2/11)

Sex And Patriotism, Phillip Clark, The Long Holidays, Cameron Burnette & The Ghost Ballerinas, Lovesick Stupid, Jim Doyle     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 8  (7/16/11)

Doxology, Ben Union, Perry Acker, Rita Dian, Lele Rose, Fear And The Comedy, Scott Hammock, Scott McLaughlin, Peng, Harbors, Joe King Carrasco    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 9  (8/6/11)

Emily Brooke, Under The Elephant, Zak Smith, The Kites Of Saturn, Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, Jillian Rae, Lesus Mor, The Mondays, Something Strange     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 10  (8/20/11)

Ageless Stranger, Riley Tolstedt, Ill Jack Daisy, The Pentatonic Snails, Wesley Woo, And The Halftime Heroes, Breakaway, From Apathy, Chris Yates, Curt Yagi, And The People Standing Behind Me, Gery Tinkelenberg    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN