Podcast Archive 3

Episodes 11—20


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“Music You Don’t Have, But Should” is a production of South Sound Audio.  All rights reserved.  © 2011-2015.

EPISODE 11  (9/3/11)

Zeptepi, The Black Swans Of Trespass (CC Thornley), Southland Romeo, Serene, Adam Day, Moth Complex, GG (“Grandpa Grunge”)Tabor , Pipeline Riot, Scarlet Stoic, Mailbox Dog    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 12 (9/17/11)

The Coma Boys, Shannon Richardson Band, Jim Doyle, Noble Creatures, Koah, True Apothecary,  Richard Livengood, Acoustic Generation, Red Tagz      CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 16 (11/19/11)

Lisa Jane Lipkin, The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men, Weiler, Springs, Against Leo, Lentner, Rooftop Kings, Snowball 37, Timmy Jupiter, Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount, Dane Filipczak     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 13 (10/1/11)

Digital Chemistry, Jacques Grant, Brian Schafheimer, Garrett Whitney, The Eastside Jets, Sam Pace, Daniel Pacheco, Impakt, Johnny Burgess & Jacqueline Cates    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 14 (10/15/11)

SPECIAL SALUTE TO THE INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA!   Holden, Norine Braun, Pennan Brae, Robb Hill And Brave By Numbers, Sally Snow, The Brass Action, Wintercoast, The Hard Copies, Vanessa Dolezal    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 15 (11/5/11)

Kevin Lee, Hoop, Neil Smith, Felsen, Into Weather, Lisa Jane Lipkin


EPISODE 17 (12/3/11)

The Mondays, Trash Day, Alexander Jenkins, Sarah J, Cövergiest, True Apothecary, The AFU Band, Jan Wickline     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 18 (12/17/11)

Eldridge Gravy And The Court Supreme, Scott Alexander, Brandon Keeley, The Nightmare Stage, Bad Bad Meow, Corey Sky, Dirty Sleeves, Maximo Hombre, Hoop


EPISODE 19 (1/7/12)

The Young Russians, Scott Wallingford, Permanent Ability, The Autumn Electric, Orents Stirner And The Spirit Noise Academy, The Cosmic Plethora Of Doom, OLIO, Cold Rolled Steel     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

EPISODE 20 (1/21/12)

SeńoritAwesome!, Mark Corradetti, Fallen Angel, Mike Maker And The Earthshakers, Lakookala, The Voodoo Kings, Onicks, Hello Rainey     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN