(And no, you’re not signing your life away)


Thanks for wanting to participate on “Music You Don’t Have, But Should.”  There is no advertising on the show, and South Sound Audio (the producer of the show) does not make any money from the show.  The sole purpose of this podcast is to promote original music from independent musicians and bands, and to steer listeners to your website to find out more about you, buy your music, go to your shows, etc.  If you have any questions regarding submission for “Music You Don’t Have, But Should,” please email for information.

“Music You Don’t Have, But Should” welcomes submissions of original music from professional independent musicians and bands for possible inclusion in podcast episodes.  Andy Hall has final approval over all podcast material. 

Please do NOT send material unsolicited (i.e., email mp3s, etc.).  It will not be considered.  It will be deleted.  Please email me a link to the music or website or make other arrangements.  Let me know what you got in advance.  By submitting material for consideration for play on the podcast, you are giving express consent to have that same material played on the podcast.  If your song(s) is selected, you will be emailed informing you when your song will be on the podcast so you can spread the word.

Please email me the websites you would like listeners to be directed to to learn more about you, buy your music, etc.  While I will promote your Facebook and other social media sites on the show, please do not send email to me trying to get me to “friend” you or “like” you on Facebook or any other social media.  I don’t do Facebook or any of that, so it will be promptly deleted without being read.  I don’t have a Facebook account and I don’t want one.  If I have to log in or “friend” or “like” you in order to listen to the song(s) you want me to listen to for the podcast, it ain’t gonna happen.  Please make other arrangements with me to hear your music.

Tell me about yourself or your band— who’s in it, if you have any albums out, any upcoming gigs, etc.  This goes a long way in the selection process if I know something about who I am playing.

Genre is not important, but the podcast is geared towards rock, folk, and alternative.  But if it sounds interesting, it may get played. 

Bring your “A game.”  Recordings that sound unprofessional, either in performance or in technique, won’t be considered.  Though this is a forum for getting independent music out there, it still has to be professional.

Recordings must be original songs.  No covers, please.

Songs must be “radio friendly listening.”  “Music You Don’t Have, But Should” is aimed at a general listening audience, so any songs submitted with lyrics that contain vulgarity or that are suggestive in nature won’t be considered.  This is a PG podcast.

Please do not email asking when your song is going to be on the podcast.  There is a HUGE backlog of material to get through.  If your material is not selected for a podcast, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good.  If it is selected, you will be emailed letting you know when it will be played.

Feel free to link to “Music You Don’t Have, But Should.”  Tell your friends!

If all this is agreeable to you, email me and show me what you got!


Andy Hall

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